Wire Sculpture Art For Fairy Nerds


Wire Sculpture Art For Fairy Nerds

I’m a little bit of a nut when it comes to fairies. I’ve loved them for as long as I can remember. I have little fairy figurines stashed all over my house, I bought my nieces dress-up fairy wings and I will unexpectedly stop short in front of people while window-shopping to look at fairy stuff in store windows. So when I saw these really amazing stainless steel wire fairy sculptures by Robin Wight

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Friday Night Features: “Off Season” Short Film

Friday Night Features: “Off Season” Short Film

Off Season Short Film PosterAs summer is slowly dying in the northern hemisphere, our thoughts turn today to colder times and places, frozen wastelands with howling winds, ice and snow driving cold past the skin and deep into the marrow. It is in just such a location that this week’s featured horror short, Off Season, takes place.

Written and directed by Jonathan Van Tulleken, this 2009 short introduces us to a man and his…

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31 Halloween Activities #17: Eat Pumpkin Things

31 Halloween Activities #17: Eat Pumpkin Things

It is August 20th.  Picture the earth turning to the east as time passes, the sun is just over the horizon.  You are bathed in that early morning light that doesn’t exist at any other time and you are relishing that last bit of coolness before the oppressive heat of the dog days makes the rest of your day sticky and miserable. A good feeling, isn’t it?

Halloween Activities Card 17 Eat Pumpkin Things That Don’t Make Any SenseWell now picture the same thing except it is…

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It Was His Devil Twin: The Peculiar Tale of Edward Mordake

If you’ve seen Edward Mordrake’s creepy two-faced picture floating around the internet, check out the real story dating back more than 100 years…it’s full of the sort of gibbering faces and tragic figures we love in turn-of-the-century Romantic horror stories! {Read Post}

It Was His Devil Twin: The Peculiar Tale of Edward Mordake

The Joke’s On You: DIY Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

The Joke’s On You: DIY Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

Julia Graf Harley Quinn Tutorial

Puddins, Halloween is just 10 weeks away, so why don’t we start this one with a lovely makeup tutorial for one of our favorite lethal ladies of Gotham City? Today’s DIY tutorial from gorgeous makeup artist Julia Graf is an elegant, maskless take on DC supervillian Harley Quinn’s classic look. Pair this makeup with a Harley Quinn (or Dr. Harleen Quinzel) costume and you are on your way to…

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